Private and Commercial International Law

In legal relations with an international element it is vital to determine the proper applicable law, i.e., a law that shall govern the substantive and procedural relationship between the participants. This need arises especially in cases when there is a dispute between parties in international relation and it raises the need to understand what court in which country should eventually be applied to and under what law the court shall decide. For such a case a profound knowledge of European law is required, as well as knowledge of international agreements between the participating countries and their own domestic legislation.

In this regard I focus mainly on:

  • Choice of material and procedural applicable law
  • Agreement on prorogation (determination of a locally and materially relevant court)
  • Creation of general business conditions
  • Creation of payment and delivery terms
  • International sale of goods
  • International traffic rights
  • International employee relations
  • International family relationships (alimony, child ubpringing and child care).

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