Vigilantibus iura scripta sunt.
The laws of the vigilant are written.


What is my focus?

Why choose my services?

I provide legal services in Czech, German and English, with a focus on international legal advice, especially on Czech-German relationships. In this field I cooperate closely with other law companies in Germany and clients there can benefit from my language skills and qualification gained in international law companies.

I represent clients in out-of-court or conciliation proceedings, in arbitration proceedings, in court proceedings, in enforcement proceedings and in administrative proceedings in front of authorities, courts and other institutions. Since 2016, when I opened my own law firm, I have represented clients in more than 1,000 trials in courts of all instances, including the Supreme Court, and in hundreds of hearings in criminal and misdemeanour proceedings.

I have a wealth of experience in filing actions, suggestions, complaints and appeals to courts, administrative authorities and other institutions including complaints to the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights.

I also provide legal services in the field of real estate law, respectively in the field of land law, where I prepare for clients (both entrepreneurs, including real estate agencies, and non-entrepreneurs) purchase agreements, lease agreements, trust agreements and applications for registration in the land register, I perform the legal deposit of the purchase price and I can also certify signatures (declaration of the authenticity of the signature).

JUDr. Václav Cidlina, attorney and registered mediator

JUDr. Václav Cidlina,

attorney and registered mediator

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